At the Bar: wines

At the bar you can enjoy, discover, taste, learn, savor a wide range of wines.


+ Wine by the glass or half glass, Red, White and Sparkling

    about 15 different wines by the glass from the featured region of the month


    about 20 wines from other French regions

  1. +FLIGHT (collection of half glasses)

    different combinations of all Reds or all Whites or Mix

    Every flight is build to create an enjoyable experience,

    the wines are selected for the progression of flavor,

    We will comment and describe every wine for you if you wish


  1. +you can CREATE YOUR OWN FLIGHT of half glasses

  1. +you can LET THE SOMMELIER create a flight for you

    and let him tell you about the wines and the region

  1. +wine by the CARAFE: White, Red or Rosé (when Rosé is available)

    house wine selected for it’s great quality and price

  1. +French BEERs

  1. +LIQUORS, aperitif drinks and after dinner drinks are available


All the wines can be purchased at "The Best Cellar" store.

Enjoy the wine you liked, take it  at home, share it, between friends, discover new pleasure


From 11:00am to 2:30 and 5:30pm to close

Wine Region of the Month


At the Bar, you can dare, taste, learn and build your own delightfully unique lunch or dining experience, a meal intended for sharing and lively conversation.


We created a relaxed atmosphere where wine and food are fun and where sharing that fun can be a sublime pleasure.