The “gastronomic meal of the French” was honored as part of the

“ intangible cultural heritage of humanity ” by UNESCO officials.
Amour Wine Bistro is very proud to bring some of this "cultural heritage" to Richmond,

Pairing Wine, Food and Life for every meal

Voted Best Restaurant for a Special Occasion 

Life is a very special occasion to celebrate every day (when Amour Wine Bistro is open)

Lunch, Dinner, Tuesday through Saturday and Sunday Brunch



We were intrigued and decided to pay a visit, and are happy to report that Amour is offering one of the best and most creative dining experiences we’ve had in recent memory.”

YELP  reviews

Johnny J.

Richmond, VA


Finally,  a Richmond restaurant offering a healthful, locally sourced menu without sacrificing FLAVOR!

When I dine out, three things are important to me: Flavor, Freshness, and Quality service,  Amour well exceeds my standards.   Now that I have found this place last month, I have already eaten here four times.

Last week, my vegetarian, gluten-free date was hesitant to join me, but was soon at ease thanks to the knowledgeable and accommodating staff.   Many of the dishes can be easily made vegetarian as the focus is highlighting fresh and local produce anyway and most dishes are already gluten free except for one or two things.

The chef is a master at layering flavors in an honest, artful way.  Not surprisingly, when things are full of so much natural flavor with little to no salt or butter, the food is also very fresh.   The greens in the salads are often in the ground the morning before they are served.   Every sauce, every spread is housemade;  every dish made to order. The menu of natural meats, locally sourced seafood, and seasonal produce changes every week so there is always something new to try.

Thankfully, the housemade sorbet is always available.

Lea M.

Richmond, VA


This restaurant is a well-kept secret!

My boyfriend and I had the privilege of sharing a meal here one leisurely afternoon a few weeks ago.  We were greeted by the owner himself, a transplant from the French region of Alsace, and quickly got the impression that we were not dining in a mere restaurant, but somewhere much more intimate. The tablecloths, the fresh flowers, the soft music, every detail seemed to have been lovingly arranged as if we were guests in his home, and that's exactly how we felt.  

We were never rushed to decide, but instead encouraged to "relax with the menus," which had several a la carte selections for lunch, as well as a prix fixe option. The latter suited us nicely, considering that we got two or three courses paired with wine for less than we'd pay ordering a soup, an entrée, and wine a la carte from another place of similar quality; it actually was a remarkable value.  

Each course came perfectly timed just after the wine, which in tandem took an already delicious meal to another level.   The wine pairings highlighted all the right flavors and brought to life hidden notes that we wouldn't have noticed otherwise.  Wonderful!   Our Valrhona Cocoa Powder Sorbet with Candied Orange Peel was actually created FOR the the Muscat de Beaumes de Venise Wine and not the other way around, which exemplifies how serious these folks are about the pairings.  They know what they are doing and they do it well.  

My boyfriend and I hardly talked we were too enamored with our meal, savoring each otherworldly bite.  We were struck by how the artful layers of our lunch had opened into more than a meal.  Thanks to the thoughtful and refined execution of the House, our meal had become a sublime experience.     We will be coming back.

Mo K.

Henrico, VA


A relaxing and delicious lunch escape from the office!

My lunch was fresh and full of flavor in an quiet  lingerworthy corner by the window.   In the middle of a busy day, this little place was just what I needed to decompress for a bit.  Thank you!

Robert H.

Richmond, VA


A little piece of France in Richmond.

The decor is quiet and unassuming in this little French bistro, and it certainly doesn't hurt that the owner is French (from Alsace).  The service, the atmosphere, and the general conduct of the experience reminded me of being in Paris again; from the prix fixe menu to the bottle of water on the table.

Please do not be put off by the diner prix fixe menu.  While it might seem a bit limited to what we are generally used to, the emphasis here is on quality, not quantity.  Not that you will go away hungry, either.  It's a three course meal with appropriate wine pairings.  The meals my wife and I had were more than satisfying from first course to last.  They even threw in an amuse bouche between courses.  The wine pairings were generous, well considered, and much better than your typical "house" wine.

The staff was more than just pleasant, attentive, and polite.  They are knowledgeable about what they are serving and are happy to answer any questions you might have.  With each course, the wine pairings are explained (both the rationale of serving a particular wine with the course, but also a little bit about the wine's origin--a nice touch, I think).  

This bistro is not just for special occasions; you should go anytime you want a memorable meal.  And, no, you do not have to speak or read French to enjoy the experience.  This is not one of those stuffy joints where you feel uncomfortable lest you use the wrong fork for your salad.  It is relaxed, unassuming, and with a focus on good wine and good food; just as a French bistro should be.

Jenn J.

Richmond, VA


Sad to see the bad reviews.  I have been to Amour Bistro a total of three times now - once for the prix fixe dinner and twice for a la carte food and wine in the bar.  

This little spot has become a favorite in Richmond.  The setting is intimate and I have always found the staff to be friendly and accommodating.  It is a real treat to have Paul there to describe the wines and make recommendations.  He is clearly passionate about what he does and it adds much to the experience.

I was excited to see that several options were recently added to the a la carte menu providing delicious versions of many french standards.  The prix fixe meal was a wonderful all around. Selections provided a wonderful mix of textures and flavors and the wine complemented beautifully. The courses were timed impeccably to make the meal a true  experience.

Options are not cheap but not outrageous either.  On each occasion, I have found the check to be well worth it for the quality of the food, wine and overall experience.  

Differing prices points are convenient for those who want to splurge on outstanding wines versus those who don't.  It is no different than ordering a $150 bottle of wine off the list versus a $40 bottle in another establishment.

I am a huge fan.  Amour is a great addition to Richmond and will return often!

Cathy T.

Henrico, VA


Incredible dining experience!  Amour has a prix fixe menu, with at least two choices for each course and including a paired wine with each course.  My husband and I spent our 10th anniversary in France and this was like going back for a 2-hour vacation!  The food is delicious, served elegantly, and each wine pairing illustrates the complex relationship between wine and food.  They have recently added a bar menu to compliment the wine bar, so you can order individual plates or appetizers. Paul, the owner and host, is a transplant from Alsace and graciously invites you to share in his delight of French cuisine and French wines.  Amour truly lives up to the Bistro's motto of pairing wine, food, and life.  If you're in Richmond, don't miss it!

Sarah F.

Richmond, VA


Simply put, the best meal we have had in Richmond.  This new bistro is attentive to in-season foods, brilliant wine pairings, and excellent service.  We loved our dishes--and only wish that we could have sampled everything on the menu.